The biggest test of our resilience: A socially distanced Santa

Nothing compares with the magic of winter: festive shows, a visit to a grotto, the winter fair, are all expectations which, by tradition, were embraced by our families for generations. But this year, around your Christmas tree, everybody will expect a socially distanced Santa.



Times have changed and we have adjusted – in part. Adjusting does not mean that we have accepted the situation, but it is where we are at in the World and our freedoms have changed. We feel different now, like caged birds. You could say that we live in two worlds: the world about us and the world in our heads. Sometimes, when we travel, we feel so small, like a spec of dust. Sometimes, when we are worried, the world inside our heads seems multi-dimensional with layers of worry about the present and where things are going. Our heads struggle to work out strategies to ensure our future, and that of our children and parents, how we and they will survive and be happy. Conspiracies abound and we are confuddled with more and more conflicting seemingly disconnected information.

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