An introduction and foreword to Douglas Ballard, International Energy Healer and Visionary

Many reputable scientists including Newton, Einstein and Tesla explain life in terms of energy. Sir Isaac Newton suggested that energy is never lost or destroyed, it changes form from potential to kinetic energy and vice versa. Energy that permeates the Universe is and always will be beyond the full comprehension of the human mind. Sir Stephen Hawking describes energy as the Laws of Nature; his analogy of playing tennis: our thoughts, muscles, the speed of growth of the grass, the movement of the planet and beyond, all create forces to lead to an outcome. There is much we can see, and more that we cannot, like the paths in the sky that birds follow or the channels that fishes swim.

Douglas Ballard has exceptional abilities which I can only explain as being able to heal by influencing the electromagnetic and other fields in our cells through his touch. His healing touch creates an extraordinary sense of well-being and calm and greatly facilitates healing. Some people can experience dramatic healing results there and then, others make continuous regular improvement in smaller steps. These healing skills are matched with an insight into what I can again only describe as an ability to read our ‘energy patterns’. In the same way as a cat can see wavelengths that we cannot or a dog can hear beyond our range, Douglas has a remarkable sense of perception about our mental (energy) decision patterns and our connections with other people (other forms of energy) as they pan out – like seeing a fine web of energy filaments emanating from us, and an extraordinary insight as to what is likely to happen, and when, as we move forward following those patterns.

For some, the fact that it works is not enough and we need a more scientific explanation. Yet this can only go to the extent of our intellectual boundaries, beyond which it is not sensible or realistic to look for answers.

How do we put creativity and imagination into explainable boxes with labels? We cannot, we can only admire the outcome like a beautiful painting or a brilliant business idea brought to reality.

Douglas Ballard really does have special abilities, a gift. He describes it as a connection with a ‘Higher Intelligent Energy’. Douglas sees his purpose as being here to help others. Ultimately the most powerful form of truth is personal experience. I urge you to put him to the test.

Dr. Chris Graff PhD. MSc. BA