Douglas was six years old when his grandmother died. He was deeply moved and experienced a profound sense of separation and a change within him as he watched her depart this life. In a sense, he followed her in her journey and believes that is how his connection to the ‘Higher Intelligent Energy’ began. Yet, it was only really later in life that this manifested itself as an Energy Healer and Visionary.

In our lives, we learn that there is a time and place for everything – and sometimes events are most unexpected. In 1990, whilst Douglas was in Aspen Colorado on a business trip, he met a lady with a neck injury that had left her in severe pain after skiing. He felt compelled to ask if he could help her as he sensed intuitively that he could heal her (much to the amazement of his business colleagues). She made a full recovery after her agony with just one healing. Douglas’s journey as a healer had begun and he has gone on to heal many thousands of people since that day.

His story though has an enormous twist. Douglas’s higher connection was and still is increasing in strength and ability on an exponential curve. Whilst running healing workshops during the mid-1990s, in UK, USA and Europe, Douglas became increasingly aware of a voice (sometimes more than one) coming from the Higher Energy connection.

This voice was pointing out things about people in the same way as a doctor gives not only medicine but also advice. The insights into his clients past, present and future accelerated the healing process; as Douglas says, ‘we need to heal our lives, not just a symptom’. ‘Many of the underlying causes of our physical and emotional issues lie within our lifestyles, families, work and social connections. We need to heal all aspects of our lives’ for a truly rounded happiness’.

Douglas Ballard works today across the world consulting on a one-to-one basis, and also with businesses large and small. We spend a very large part of our adult lifeworking making business related decisions, and so need a great deal of support in this aspect of our lives. As a former businessman and Member of the Chartered Management Institute, Douglas points out that the Universal Intelligent Energy connection is not separated from any aspect of our lives; many stresses are born and resolved in these environments. From property management, city finance, marketing and IT, the stories to follow illustrate clearly the exceptional and extraordinary insight and guidance on people, their work and financial decisions that have helped clients overcome great obstacles and create highly successful businesses.

Douglas’s journey as a healer and visionary had taken him around the world practicing in New York, Aspen and Michigan in the USA, with businesses and the public in Austria, a specialist dental practice in Portugal, regular appearances in Ireland and the UK, recently even a prima ballerina travelled all the way from Japan to receive Douglas’s healing. The variety and reach of his healing and visionary skills provide great reading in the Case Studies to follow.


Life as we know it is energy born into physical existence. Energy is seen and unseen. It never dies, it just changes form (Sir Isaac Newton). Our lives are part of all life and we are inextricably linked. Our modern lifestyle often saps our energy and we repeat patterns that create energy ‘drains’ , leading to illness and unhappiness.
A few have an ability, a gift if you like, to connect to Universal Energy – pure energy without conditions – which they can use to heal. Douglas Ballard though has an exceptional healing touch, which sits alongside an equally extraordinary ability to see into the future. This is nothing ‘magic’, nothing fluffy, it is real, tried and tested as Douglas sees into our subconscious and reads our energy patterns.
A truly exceptional man with truly incredible gifts – here to help and benefit all those that come in contact with him.
Healing with Universal Energy has to be experienced as it appears to be beyond our mental comprehension.


Healing with Universal Energy has to be experienced as it appears to be beyond our mental comprehension.

No religion, no philosophy… just a source which, through Douglas Ballard, helps significantly to fight illness, mitigate the negative side-effects of drugs, relieve pain however extreme and how it is caused, so as to accelerate our own natural healing and experience deep calm.

To the scientific mind, Douglas has the ability to stimulate the energy within our own body cells. This creates an enormous state of well-being and the journey to our healing is off to a fast-start.

So for those who have ‘tried everything’, for those who are skeptical, for those who want to believe but are almost too scared to believe that they can feel healthy and charged with abundant energy, healing through Douglas Ballard just happens. It really does. Hundreds, indeed thousands of genuine cases are proof as you will see in the case studies.



As bundles of energy, we go through life creating energy patterns like tentacles of causality extending into the future. Rather like birds that follow paths in the sky, these are like our own energy maps that we follow but cannot see.

Douglas Ballard’s second remarkable gift is his ability to read these energy maps to see where we are going, how our concerns, decisions will pan out, and most importantly… how we can make good decisions that will influence our happiness.

Some of the most serious decisions we make are highly personal and those in our working lives which may involve huge investment decisions and touch the lives of thousands through our actions. Yet often we cannot see clearly as our heads and emotions are torn apart trying to reach the answers we seek. By
connecting with the natural intelligence in Universal Energy, Douglas can help us to see through the mass of information, emotions and questions that can deluge and distort our thinking, to help guide us from a totally different perspective along to the right path to our future happiness.

In short, Douglas creates a connection through which Universal Energy can flow. It is positive and natural and is not controlled by material limitation. It works at every level – physical, mental and emotional – and experience has shown that it will often resolve problems, questions or ailments that clients did not mention as well as those that were apparent and obvious.



With an accomplished background in business and management, being a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, and extensive experience in training and promotion, Douglas has gained a comprehensive insight into the stresses, strains and pressures which accompany life in the fast lane of today’s challenging commercial world.

Business people are increasingly recognising the value of having Douglas as part of their consultancy team. With one global economic crisis after another, business clients around the world consult him on a regular basis for updates on business trends and new contracts and the outcome of deals and staff issues.

All are perfectly valid topics and are vital for the well-being of companies in today’s competitive and volatile marketplace which responds so dramatically to world unrest.

The unrelenting pressure of business in today’s ever-quickening lifestyle has an enormous impact upon our health and well-being. Medical science shows that most illnesses have a stress component and one of the best ways to improve our health is to tackle stress at source. But how, when we are locked in a cycle that we cannot exit?

If you are experiencing health problems like sleeplessness, significant weight gain or loss, constipation, high anxiety, loss of confidence, palpitations, nausea, headaches and back pain, these are all symptoms of stress related illnesses which Douglas can help heal at a very deep level, creating a natural calm feeling, a reassurance, an ease that creates the platform for the body to restore, sometimes fully there and then, and others over a period of time. The case studies that follow are genuine heart-felt real stories from businessmen and women who consult Douglas Ballard, from small companies to large multimillion concerns.




Recent UK election results correctly predicted


European Prince whom Douglas consults for on a regular basis


Office workers in Canary Warf treated in a day


Property deals which Douglas advised on in 2015 (one a week on average)