Hands On Or Hands Off Healing

As a healing practitioner for the past 30 years, I get asked by many people to explain how hands on healing works, as the process is a bit of a mystery to many.

Whether it’s Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing or Massage, the mechanics are roughly similar; different modalities, devices and practices which deliver the same result.

What we know among the Healing Community is that the process is a transfer of energy from the healer to the recipient. We know that the healing energy does not come directly from the healer, but is channeled through the healer so as not to use or drain their energy.

What the world at large perhaps do not collectively realise, is that everybody is capable of healing on some level.

Healing pre-dates any kind of medicine and it’s primordially ancient. Rather than a complicated explanation, it’s the intention of the healer which is the ‘power’ within the process. The intent to want to make better, reduce pain, and, in essence, improve the quality of life.

We don’t have to look any further than the animal kingdom for examples of this in practice: They possess this power as they sense the need to nurture, rear young, rescue and to comfort in situations of need. Therefore ancient man, without any medical equipment, professional training or scientific knowledge could only use his intent to heal when the need arose.

There continues to be a multitude of scientific research which looks at so many different characteristics of the healing process, but the bottom line of its delivery sits in the intent to heal.

We pray in Churches, at home or in nature for outcomes to work in our favour, not only in times of need. Praying is widely accepted, across cultures and yet, in essence, it carries a similar potential to the benefits healing can deliver – praying carries an intention to bring about change for the positive and to HELP.

While modern medicine continues to make incredible strides and innovation, one must not forget the original form of healing which has supported the world for millennia and still continues, to this day.

So, while there are numerous forms of healing, it’s important to recognize the common strand that holds it all together.

Like medical doctors’ code ‘first do no harm’ healing’s role as complementary therapy is to bring together the good intent, care and goodwill. In my view, there should be no plurality between healing and medical care. The two go hand in hand as part of the integrated healing process.

I look forward to watching medical science and healing come together in this realization as we become more conscious as a society.