Lisa Bowden

Lisa Bowden


Lisa was 34 when she first met Douglas, and had suffered from back problems over the previous nine years.

As a professional gardener, she suffered from acute lower back pain and had been on constant medication. Until she met Douglas she was very sceptical, wondering how someone could take away years of built up pain.

She remembers: “I could not pick up three newspapers from the floor without wincing in pain and being stuck in a certain position for a period of time before my body allowed me to straighten up. It was the same when I sat down for too long. The pain was quite unbearable.

I met Douglas for an appointment and he placed his hands on my shoulders.

I felt relaxed and a flow of what I now know as energy. After my appointment I felt stiff but I could feel my back had somehow allowed me to stand up without the wincing pain.

After three days I could manage to stand up from sitting without my back jarring. I feel that my quality of life has benefited from meeting Douglas.

Although I still carry on gardening, sometimes my back plays up but I don’t suffer the pain as it has all but gone.

It will always be there because of the job I do, but not to the extent it was. I am very lucky to have had this type of healing and would recommend anyone to try it.”

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