Gary Odell

Gary Odell


“I am a director of my own private healthcare brokerage. My meeting with Douglas came about by accident really. I was away for the weekend and I was unloading the boot of my car when I got a really bad spasm in my back. The pain was excruciating. On the Monday I phoned my doctors and asked for an appointment, and having seen the doctor I was told to continue taking the pain killers.

The pain meant I couldn’t stand correctly and I had made a call to my osteopath to see him that day to sort my problem out, but he was unable to see me.

My wife had had several treatments from Douglas and at this point she suggested that I give him a call, I did and was able to see Douglas that evening. I went to see him with an open mind.

I’m one of these guys that doesn’t make a decision about anything really until I have actually experienced it, so I wasn’t at all sure what I was in for meeting Douglas that evening.

I was ushered into his treatment room and asked to lie on his couch.

He very gently placed his hands on my shoulders. Straight away I started to feel relaxed and within two or three minutes I noticed a dryness in my throat, so much so it felt as if I was going to choke.

Then a minute or so later I couldn’t take the feeling any more and sat up. I asked Douglas if this was normal, and he said that the treatment affects people differently.

“Post car accident pain and then sports injuries treated successfully”

I took a sip of water, with my back I must admit at this stage still in pain, but I lay back down on the couch for 15 to 20 minutes as Douglas continued, I laid there feeling very relaxed, with a warmth running through my shoulders.

After 20 minutes Douglas asked me if I could sit up. I sat up again very gingerly because there was still pain in my back, I carefully moved off the couch.

I stood, or should I say stooped, at which point Douglas asked me to take a step forward.

Douglas then placed one hand on my stomach and the other on my back and very gently squeezed for about a minute, after which time he asked me if I could stand a bit straighter.

I said I could but the pain was still there, he repeated this process three or four times and by the end of the fourth time I was able to stand completely straight.

Now I don’t know how that works but all I can say is that I went in bent over and at the end of the treatment I was able to stand tall.

I drove home, not in pain. I went to bed not in pain and I woke in the morning not in pain.

There was stiffness in my back which Douglas had explained would be there, and that the healing would take two or so days to continue to work through my body. After initially waking up and moving, there was no pain and no spasms in my back.

I can’t explain it. I’ve since used Douglas on other occasions for my sports injuries.

At the moment he is treating me for a tennis elbow related problem and again I experience the same sensations I had when he was treating me previously.

I can’t explain it but all I can say is, for me, it works and once I have seen Douglas I don’t feel pain.

What does Douglas do for me? I’m a very active person and throughout my activities I quite often get myself injured – whether it is a bad back or an elbow or a knee. I know I can go to Douglas with confidence and get the pain taken away, which enables me then to come back to the office and concentrate on my work.

There is nothing worse than trying to work when you are in pain. For me Douglas takes that pain away and lets me concentrate on my work.

“Company director finds pain relief and confidence to face hefty work schedule”
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