Kellie Whitlock

Kellie Whitlock


“I came to visit Douglas regarding quite a few problems that I have had over a number of years relating to my tummy area, also sickness most mornings. I used to wake up feeling sick or physically being sick.

I have also had neck and back problems. I will get to that but I think firstly it will be the tummy problems. The first session I had with Douglas was an amazing experience, the sensation I had was very different because I could actually feel movement inside my tummy, kind of like a circle going round, it’s the only way I can describe it. I came out of the session feeling very positive and I could actually feel that the treatment had worked for me.

The next morning I woke up, and for the first time in years I didn’t actually feel sick, so it was quite amazing considering the amount of treatments that I have previously gone for, and been in hospital for almost all of my teenage years, and not actually coming up with any kind of conclusion. So I went for another session, which I felt worked very well and I haven’t actually had any sickness problems for a while. I have found out that there is something else that came up relating to a hernia that I have, and I am hoping that the treatment I received from Douglas will help that also.

“Multiple chronic ailments alleviated with positive knock-on effect on life”

Another thing that happened was I had a really bad neck for about five or six weeks, I hadn’t seen Douglas for a while because I had been away from work, but on coming in on the Wednesday I had the healing done to my neck, instantaneously as soon as the treatment had finished I sat up, I could move my neck perfectly well, which was quite amazing because some of the treatments you have you don’t actually know if they’re working or not, but with the neck it’s obvious, it’s a physical pain that is there and after the healing session it wasn’t there anymore, so treatment wise it worked very well for me.

I’ve met some sceptics because I’ve talked about this a lot, I think actually I have not stopped talking about it, and there are people who don’t believe, but how I look at it is don’t knock something until you have tried it for one, and for two what is the worst thing that can happen, it doesn’t work for you, but I say ‘really give it a go’ because if you are in discomfort and you have tried everything else then I would say ‘give it a go’ because it definitely worked for me and I’m feeling great, I’m feeling positive and obviously not in any discomfort anymore so its had a really good knock on effect on my life. I would tell anyone who is sceptical about it to give it a go.”