Adrian Walters

Adrian Walters


“We offered Douglas to set up a consulting room in our offices and our staff set about going to see him.

I saw him myself on one occasion; I had a really bad issue with my back and was walking around the office with an umbrella for a walking aid believe it or not because it was so painful.

“Entrepreneur conquers back pain”

Douglas happened to be in that day and did about 45 minutes of healing on my back. That gave me exactly what I needed, the pain disappeared and I was able to go about my business for that day. Later on that week I saw an osteopath but I didn’t need to because at that point the pain had subsided significantly and he just did a little bit of sort of repositioning of one of my vertebrae.

So I was really happy with the treatment that Douglas gave me. I had a couple more after that and then I didn’t need to see the osteopath at all, which was great news for me.”

Back Pain