Simon Luke

Simon Luke


“I live in London and work in the city of London, I work for an advertising company, we work on international projects, we’re actually working on a project in China at the moment called Ice Age we’re partners with Twentieth Century Fox, a major film studio as I am sure you know.

We are also partners with NBC the National Broadcasting Company, I’m a sales executive.

I met Douglas at work, I had a session with him as I suffer from asthma and a condition called chronic rhinitis, which is basically where my nose is constantly blocked and my chest tightens up. The session was fantastic; it was quite an experience to say the least.

Douglas has got these extremely hot hands you can definitely feel the energy going through your body and after the session I felt mildly better, my chest was a little bit looser and I could breath through my nose, he did a good job on me.

“Numerous ailments improved with repeated Healing sessions”

When I first had the healing done it was an immediate effect and it lasted possibly until the next day and then obviously it reverted back because I have got quite a severe case of chronic rhinitis so I don’t expect it to be done all in one session. I have had sessions since and the length of time where you could say the treatment works has got longer and longer so I can see a vast improvement every time I do have a session, the healing effects he gives me last longer each time.

I understand he not going to be able to cure it all in one go, but obviously if I keep having sessions it’s going to get better and better each time.”