From A Granddaughter

My great-grandmother is now 97-years-old. At the age of 94 she suffered from an infection of the lungs, which she got over quite well but because of her age, the bad circulation of blood and the medicine, her sight started to fade gradually. Also, quite normal at her age, she had a slight stroke which made her right arm tremble. She was not able to lift a spoonful of soup to her mouth. She would end up spilling it everywhere. Not being able to eat properly kept her from sitting and eating together with the family on special occasions.

“Healing brought relief to frail care sufferer”

Because her sight kept getting worse and worse, she started suffering psychologically and emotionally. So I asked Douglas Ballard for help. He and I drove to see her and I explained her situation and how afraid she was to lose her sight completely.

Douglas and I sat at her bedside. He was holding her hands while I was simply watching them. The treatment lasted 45 minutes altogether but after about half an hour her hand stopped shaking and relaxed. Her sight did not improve though.”