Jean Lawrenson

Jean Lawrenson

As an advisor to The Private Clinic in Harley Street, London, Jean’s role is to discuss in layman’s terms the benefits of certain procedures for particular problems once the patient has undergone an assessment procedure carried out by medical personnel. In a typical working week, she sees an average of 100 patients.

However, when Douglas visited the clinic their roles were reversed. “From the moment we shook hands, I knew he was different” she said.

“There was a very serene energy around him, and I knew our consultation time was going to be good. Douglas explained that he wanted to have some treatment. I told him this would not be a problem.

As we both relaxed, Douglas told me he was an energy healer and my heart immediately lifted. I have a lung condition known as bronchiectasis, which I have had for 30 years. This problem started when I was a young single mother, trying to bring up a baby and a toddler on my own without support. A chest infection turned into pneumonia, and within the next 18 months I had pneumonia not just once but twice more. What followed seemed like a never-ending battle of antibiotics and bed rest. The specialists at the chest clinic recommended that I have half of one lung removed; I felt this option was too drastic, and so I have always continued to cope with my condition. On the day that Douglas came to the clinic, my lung was aching.

I told him about my condition and he offered to do some healing treatment on my lung.

Our roles reversed – he was the healer, I was the patient. In a very positive, confident manner, he placed his hand on my poorly lung and as soon as he did, I felt an incredibly warm sensation. That in itself was comforting and relieved the nagging pain, but what followed in the longer term was quite unbelievable. It had become natural for me upon wakening to get quite a profound ache in my weak lung after sleeping. My natural reaction was to cough a lot to open the airways – not the best way to start each and every day. The morning after the healing session with Douglas, there was no pain, and I have not had any more pain from my lung since.

Like many who have been healed by Douglas, I feel extremely blessed to have this real quality of health – and therefore, quality of life, back again.”