David Stoch

David Stoch

London Public relations company director who has handled major publicity projects, including a member of the Royal Family & Nelson Mandela

“It was a careless moment during a vigorous weight training session, while ‘clean’ lifting 80kg, I ended up slipping my L4 and L5 back discs.

The pain was unbearable and I was left nearly immobile for 3 months. There is very little pain relief for slipped discs, where sitting causes excruciating pain.

“Chronic back and nerve pain, resulting in lasting recovery – and greater mobility than before”

Pain killers had little affect and I had to stop using them as they eventually lacked efficacy. When I finally moved beyond the acute pain zone, the residue was long lasting nerve damage. Drinking a cup of coffee would trigger the nerves down my leg which were a reminder of the acute pain I was in.

The day I had my first session with Douglas, I drove to the appointment. During the drive I felt my nerve twitching – triggered by sitting. The treatment itself was deeply relaxing, I felt I could easily drift off which I did. I woke up feeling incredibly peaceful and drove home thereafter. During that drive there was no pain. Months went by without any trace of my horrible injury.

Pain does not always come from one area alone and Douglas was able to use his intuition to guide energy to the correct places. It would be pointless to distil the physical result I achieved from Douglas’s metaphysical process, suffice to say it works, and works incredibly well.

My back is stronger than ever before and I feel my body is more agile and resilient as a result of Douglas’s innate gift of healing. I am a huge believer in his ability to heal and I would strongly recommend him to anybody suffering from pain and discomfort.”