Irina Gusovschi

Irina Gusovschi


“I was a teenager when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. For more than 15 years the disease caused unbearable pain in my back!

I tried using different creams, massages, and attended special swimming classes but these remedies did little more than relieve the pain for short periods.

As time went on, the pain grew worse and worse. I had great difficulty standing at work when I wasn’t even wearing high heels.

My doctor said that in my case surgery is very complicated, and if something were to go wrong I might be paralysed for my entire life.

But a few months ago I met Douglas Ballard, who proceeded to change my life!

After just a few therapy sessions with Douglas I have forgotten what “Pain” means.

“I met Douglas, who proceeded to change my life!”

Now I can do my daily job without thinking I’ll hurt my back or have pain. I’m more dynamic at work and feel like I’ve been born again.

I am very happy and grateful to him for everything he does for me.”

Back Pain