James Walton

James Walton


“Douglas Ballard has helped me with a severe back injury. I had been in pain for months with a prolapse disc.

I had tried physiotherapy and acupuncture, but nothing was resolving my pain. I work as the UK Director of Harley Street healthcare with world leading doctors but none could not find an answer to this problem. I could hardly stand up or sit down and Douglas was my last resort as I had tried everything else.

The session began and within 10 minutes of the healing I could feel very strong energy running through my body to the point where my body was twitching. It was a life changing experience. The session lasted for an hour and ended with Douglas saying please now stand up slowly. I did so and he asked me how I felt. To my amazement after months of suffering and chronic pain I could move freely again without any pain.

I still cannot understand how he did it but this is why this world leading healer achieves miracles for so many people in so many countries.”

Back Pain