Anna Krauze

Anna Krauze


“In 2014 I contracted an eye infection which left me with deep scarring on my cornea.

For nearly two years I had to wait for the eye to heal and for the scar to stop changing its shape, before I could commit myself to a cornea transplant.

Meeting Douglas last year, I explained my situation to him and we spoke about the treatment. It was at the time when me eye was very light sensitive and quite painful, plus watering a lot. Douglas’ healing turned out to be very helpful – just after the first treatment my eye got to be less painful and it was easier for me to be outside in the light.

After a few months, it felt a lot better and after a check-up at the eye hospital, I committed to an eye surgery. Initially, I was due to have a partial thickness transplant as there was too high a risk for a full graft to be rejected. After the initial surgery, I had another one – a full graft, that turned out to be a success!

“Douglas’s healing turned out to be very helpful”

I would highly recommend for anyone struggling with any pain to go and see Douglas – he is a kind, warm and welcoming person, always up for a chat alongside your treatment, however difficult your case may be.”