Mark Dyson MA(Hons), Oxon. BA(Hons), Oxon

Mark Dyson MA (Hons), Oxon. BA (Hons), Oxon


“As a journalist, researcher and film-maker I have rarely taken anything at face value, developing a combination of cynicism and a thirst for scientific proof or other solid evidence for anything I have encountered professionally.

Throughout my career I have occasionally “bumped into” a variety of healers; some through description by third parties, some by personal encounter.

For example, while filming in Africa for several weeks, I was astonished one day to find a growing queue of people where we stopped one morning; word had spread of the presence of a “healer”, who just happened to be the man who was the focus of my filming, who had kept his healing abilities close to his chest.

And then I was introduced to Douglas. By now I had pretty well accepted that healing was something that worked, but that not all healers are equal. Recommendation is essential, and in Douglas I have found a real diamond.

I presented myself to Douglas as somebody who had latterly been diagnosed with a serious disease. The NHS was throwing a lot of time and expertise in my direction, but I discovered in Douglas somebody who could enhance my conventional treatment, offering healing that complemented the work of the teams of surgeons and consultants.

“In Douglas I have found a real diamond”

In session one, after listening carefully to my case history and chatting for a long time about me and how I was handling it all emotionally, Douglas set about placing his hands on my head, shoulders and other relevant areas of the body. I would have expected to have felt nothing but the touch of his hands. However, I was surprised at what actually took place. With my eyes closed I saw very bright yellow and purple light moving slowly around what would have been the periphery of my vision had my eyes been open. I also felt considerable heat emanating from his hands, even though in reality they were a normal temperature. It was a very relaxing experience and I would probably have fallen asleep except we continued chatting – Douglas’s appetite for knowledge of his patients seems inexhaustible. I got the sense he really cares about his clients and develops a very strong bond based on unselfish kindness.

The results were also tangible. In the short-term, pain was reduced by significant amounts, my walking improved and over the next few days I continued to feel better in myself – possibly through a mixture of the healing and the emotional support Douglas provides.

“The results were tangible”

I will continue seeing Douglas as often as I can and would heartily recommend him to others in my situation, although as I understand it there is very little in the way of pain, disease or condition which Douglas would not attempt to tackle.”