Pauline Moon

Pauline Moon


Following an epidural during childbirth, Pauline suffered so much back pain for many years and then, in a few minutes, her life started to change.

Fortuitously, Douglas first saw her as she lay on the floor of a shop, in extreme pain. He asked what the problem was and treated her there and then. The pain reduced considerably and he asked her to see him at his consulting room after work so that he could give her more help.

“I first had back problems” she explained, “after the birth of my first child some 33 years ago, when I had an epidural. Three years later I had my second child. Three years after that I had a slipped disc. I had never been out of pain for all those years. In that time I had suffered a second slipped disc and severe pain. I had made many visits to have my back treated and that allowed me to continue with bringing up a family and all the hard work and problems that go with it.”


“It was nine years ago when I had treatments from Douglas that changed my life so much that they gave me a new feeling… of what I can now say is a better quality of life and the comfort of knowing that I can live unhampered by pain.”

And Pauline asks: “Nowadays we are always looking for proof of what can and cannot help us. What is a miracle and what is not? How much value do we put on our health when things go wrong? I think that after nine years I can say with confidence that I may have had a miracle. If not, what was it?”

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