Lynda Green

Lynda Green


“I met Douglas several years ago when I was going through quite a difficult patch. I was having a bad time emotionally, and experiencing very severe migraines. I was fortunate that a friend recommended him to me and basically he helped to turn my life around at that point. He managed to help me get well again and also to make some very important decisions on how to make my life easier and I became stronger as time went on.

I continued to see Douglas to a point that I felt I was doing ok. Following that, as the years have gone on, I have gone to Douglas whenever I have had pain or felt very stressed. He has always been a great support to me, and has always been able to offer me advice and been able to guide me.

“Chronic pain sufferer finally finds long term relief following raft of therapies”

I have always found the treatments very beneficial. When I have my treatments, usually I feel his hands on my shoulders and my head. During the treatments I feel very calm, very relaxed and it’s sometimes almost as if I sink into the bed and even if I wanted to lift my arms I couldn’t. It’s just a wonderful feeling. After the treatment I sometimes feel as if I’ve been asleep but I know I haven’t. Often when I have arrived I have felt very tired. If you have ever been in pain for any length of time it makes you feel very dragged down and worn out, but after my treatment I feel as if I have got an added energy, the pain has stopped and I feel extremely happy. Usually by the time I’m on my way home I find that I just feel so much happier, with a general feeling of wellbeing, I’ve tried many alternative therapies during my life. I know for a fact that nobody has been able to relieve pain in that way and can actually make me feel that good in such a short time. I feel that anybody could benefit. I want to say it’s a miracle because you walk in feeling so awful and walk out feeling so much better, but the best thing anyone can do if you are in pain is to try it.

He doesn’t make you promises. When you go there all you have to do is relax, you don’t have to believe in anything – just receive the energy and it’s just such a wonderful feeling. I feel well again mentally, I feel more able to make my
decisions clearly and make the right decisions, following the treatments.

I would say that the gift that Douglas has is unique. I would say to anybody if you are in pain you have nothing to lose by trying it and I am sure you would also feel the benefit.”