John Kennedy

John Kennedy

I suffered a tragic loss about 9 months ago when my ex-husband was murdered in a horrific and brutal attack. I thought I was dealing with it reasonably well until I received the booster jab after which I became really unwell. Suddenly, the realisation of what happened with the murder hit me like a ton of bricks with trauma grief, anxiety and depression.


I really was not in a good place and had to take four months off work. I started drinking heavily to take away the pain, but it was not the answer. I saw three different psychologists and had acupuncture treatments. The treatments certainly helped but the pain was still deep inside.


When you have your back against the wall you can open up to many new possibilities. In my search to manage my pain I came across Douglas Ballard. I hesitated at first for some reason and tried a few other healers, not much changed but I still felt driven to contact Douglas. I finally called Douglas and went to see him. We talked and he listened carefully to what I had to say and then I laid down on the couch and he put his hands on my head and I could feel a warm flow of energy go through my body. It was very comforting and warm.


I also had pain in my left arm from the Jab and pain in my right foot. I saw Douglas for about eight sessions and the pain in both has now decreased. The best thing of all is that my mental state improved so much I was able to return to work feeling brighter, hopeful and optimistic again. The energy that comes down through the healing process seems to pour in positive energy. I always feel warm and relaxed after every treatment and slowly and gently pick up gaining momentum like a car rolling down a hill.


I will go back to see Douglas to top up now and again. He is defiantly worth a visit and a very friendly gentleman. He helped me in the most difficult of circumstances and I am very grateful.”