Gary Smith - Today Gary Smith - With the cancer

Gary Smith

“I have a story to tell which may give you hope when you find that life has turned around 180%.


Yes, you guessed it, a killer disease that we know all too well. Is it a killer? Not necessarily, but you need to adopt a positive attitude from the outset.


It started in October 2020. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. I was put on Iron tablets and had to follow a specific diet, no wheat, barley or rye. This disease attacks your small intestine to a point you suffer bloating, stomach pains and flatulence. Eventually my small intestine exploded leaving me with incredible pain to a point I collapsed and was taken to hospital.


I was told it was a 50/50 chance to survive this repair procedure and had to sign my life away giving them permission to go ahead.


After 4 days in recovery in the high dependency unit (HDU) I was informed that cancer had been found.


Lymphoma a blood cancer that is in every Lymph gland in the body so I thought I was going to die very soon. My partner contacted all my work contacts to tell them I was in hospital and wouldn’t be back for a while. Douglas Ballard was on the list and I had known him for some 40 odd years as a good friend.


Douglas contacted me in hospital and gave me healing. I had never required healing from him before but have seen his work first hand and was impressed.


My first chemotherapy of 6 planned sessions was suitably vicious to tackle this vicious cancer. However, after a week in hospital I felt well enough to go home. The consultant was amazed and said she hadn’t seen anyone look so good after this treatment in her last five years’ experience. I said I had a Douglas on my shoulder, can you see him I asked, she laughed and arranged my discharge.


I continued to receive healing from Douglas throughout my treatment.


By the third session a PET Scan revealed that the second chemo had removed 60% of my cancer.


By August another PET Scan result showed the cancer had completely gone, to the astonishment of my consultant, I reminded her about ‘the Douglas on my shoulder’ and explained to her who this talented man was.


Douglas gave me regular healing and this has helped my body repair and gain strength.


Another consultant rang to say the polyps and nodules in my right lung had totally disappeared. They were in the bottom of my lung but the latest scan showed they had gone. Again, this consultant had no explanation, but I know Douglas must have had something to do with it!


By November I was able to return to work 2-4 full days a week.


January 2022 is a new year and 6 months have passed since my last chemo.


On reflection I know that Douglas, my friend and Healer, has saved me from the life-threatening operation on my intestine, brought me through the treatment and healed me to the point where I feel as healthy as I did 15 months ago. My hair has grown back and I have put on weight.


Don’t think this is the end just because you have cancer, there is always alternative help to get you through this. Who knows?


Personally, without Douglas’ help I doubt I would be here today and I am grateful to contemplate tomorrow.”