Silvia Cera

Silvia Cera


“I am a Researcher for a corporate travel news agency in the U.S., and a Training Lead at a world class botanical garden in London. Even though I love the work I do, a few months ago I felt I couldn’t perform as well as I wanted anymore because of various difficulties I was experiencing with my personal life and general health. As I am an overachiever, this period of down led to depression and I wanted to disappear into the ether. There was so much anxiety, fear, and worry I couldn’t see the light end of the tunnel for at least six months. Some mental health issues started during the lockdown for me, and gradually worsened until I went to see a psychiatrist because of severe anguish, fear, distress, anxiety and panic attacks. She mentioned I had ’emotional distress’ and these stressors caused an enormous amount of disharmony within myself, which lead to issues in the relationship with my partner and a stress-related illness for which she highly recommended to take some sick leave and try to recover from ASAP!

“I felt so much better as he was able to restore my energy like he passed some hope through his healing hands.”

I found Douglas after investing some time trying different traditional therapists and although they have helped, I only received little relief compared with Douglas’ energy. I felt I needed a professional Energy Healer because counselling hasn’t helped me overcome the obstacles enough, as I kept stumbling and mumbling. Douglas’ website and his background in business caught my attention because I felt I also needed some career coaching, and I knew I made the right choice after the first session. I felt so much better as he was able to restore my energy, like he passed some hope through his healing hands. I also received great advice around various areas of my life including family, relationship, career, health and he helped me to make the best decision on where I should live. Within a few sessions my mood significantly improved, I cleaned my diet, increased my performance at work in both jobs, I feel more confident about myself, and my general health.

Things began to move forward in no time, I started recovering and enjoying life again. I am no longer worried about my present circumstances, nor scared about the future, and I am now looking for the cherry on the top!