Claire Gill

Claire Gill


Claire and her husband were ballroom dancing devotees but all this stopped with peripheral neuropathy (damage to the peripheral nervous system). This left her with a numbness in her feet which knocked her balance, clearly essential for the dance floor.

Hospital tests proved that there was nothing modern science could do except monitor the situation and her consultant told her that the nerves to her feet would repair – given time – a long time! That was the situation when she had her first healing treatment from Douglas.


Claire said: “I will never forget feeling the heat of his hands on my icy-cold feet which, up to that point had very little or no feeling and how my feet tingled’ as I walked away after my treatment – the most I had felt in them for some time. I kept up the healing, seeing Douglas regularly and soon my husband and I were back on the tea dancing circuit.”

A few years on, Claire was ‘brought to a standstill’ by intense shoulder pain. After X-rays and a scan, a consultant who specialises in shoulder problems told her she had a quite substantial tear in her rotator cuff, which would not heal naturally. At 67, an operation to have the tear stitched was not recommended. The consultant’s aim was to keep her as pain-free and mobile as possible. Her doctor prescribed strong painkillers, but when the pain subsided, she found she was unable to move her arm.

“When I contacted Douglas at that time” Claire recalls, “I was in a very low state of mind, but was given hope when he said he was sure he could help and help he certainly did. After about 20 minutes of sitting with his hands on my shoulders, when I could feel heat permeating through them, he said, “lift your arm up Claire”.

After just one treatment, to my utter delight, not only was I able to raise my arm normally, but I could raise it all the way above my head and there was no pain.

A few days later, I had an appointment to visit my consultant again. When I explained about Douglas and his healing therapy and demonstrated it by raising my arm, he was taken aback and said that with the size of tear I had in my shoulder, this result was truly amazing!”