Brian Adams

Brian Adams


Douglas was different to many other clairvoyants Brian had experienced in the past. There was no mention of long lost relatives who had passed over; just a belief on his part that he was relaying information about Brian and his life from a source which he described as intelligent universal energy.

“Often, my questions were about the wisdom of what I was doing and the decisions I was taking.” said Brian, who was resident in Portugal at the time. “There was never any hesitancy in the responses and they were often a summary of how I was feeling and the emotions and issues which might be concerning me. They were also spoken in a way which was very different to the familiar voice of Douglas. He just doesn’t speak or compose sentences in that way during everyday conversation.

I visited him on one particular occasion as I was experiencing stomach pains which were causing me considerable concern. Although I didn’t feel the physical sensations others report, I was told that the symptoms were basic and I had nothing to worry about. Now for a born worrier like me, that was very reassuring. Of course, Douglas said after the healing I should still consult a doctor if I had any doubts, but, most unusually for me, I was happy with what I had been told and the symptoms subsided very quickly.

After seeing the value of Douglas’ work I offered to record some video material so that more people could benefit. I began to meet people who had a story to tell about how Douglas had brought them relief from long term physical pain – and I do mean long term. Years in many cases. These were ordinary folk, often without prior knowledge of Douglas, who had either attended one of his public meetings or been encouraged to see him by friends who had also experienced relief.

In each case, there was a total belief in what Douglas had achieved. Their sense of relief and gratitude was often profound. I could not find any flaws in what they believed had taken place.”