Steven Reed

Steven Reed


“I met Douglas originally through some issues I had with back pain, they were successfully resolved and I think I opened up a level of communication with Douglas that really drew me into wanting to maybe find out a bit more about what he did. He offered me an opportunity to talk a bit more about myself and the line of business I was in, and maybe open up a bit about some of the issues I was experiencing on a day to day basis with the business.

I had done some kind of personal development work before so in terms of going down that road, it was something I was comfortable with. What I didn’t expect that was quite significantly different, was as well as Douglas opening up my mind to new possibilities, enabling me to see different ways to address different issues I was facing within my business, what he also did, he combined a technique which enabled me to ground the lesson or the feeling that I wanted to take forward in my life in a way I had never done before, so in a way wanting to move forward in my life and wanting to improve my performance in my work, and I had a way firstly seeing different possibilities in doing that, but then being able to ground that in my body, such that it became like a guidance from within that would then give me direction of what I should be doing, and inform me when I had decisions to make, so really what I would say is of all the things I have tried for personal development this was quite unique, as well as providing me with new possibilities, opening my mind to new opportunities, it provided me with the energy and the drive to actually follow my intuition and to follow what my body was saying to me on a day to day basis and making me stronger so I was not lead by my mind I was lead by my energy and my body.

“Ad executive resolves life and business issues and is left with tools to tackle the future”

So an amazing experience, never had that before, so thanks to Douglas for his support.

In terms of what it has made me do, it’s just given me a direction, I can really put my goals personal and business and also try and align them so there is more compatibility between them, and that helps with motivation and just having that general dynamism in terms of applying my energies to work and being sure of taking myself forward as an individual. Yes I have been very grateful for that support and thank you Douglas.

So with regards to the personal development work I’ve done with Douglas, it has been quite significantly different from what I have done before. Other things like Antony Robins, where he gave you a technique of how you would set your goals and use them as your driving force going forward, but this was about actually one to one really getting to grip with those issues that were in front of you, then having the opportunity to ground the new beliefs and new direction into my body as such that when I left the session it was still with me and I could always refer back to it in the following weeks and months and it became a real kind of focus for me going forward.

So that was very different I had never experienced that before. Thank you Douglas, it’s been very profound very meaningful work that we have done together.

“I would recommend coaching to anybody, it’s something I really believe in, but for my experience Douglas is coaching plus.”

I would recommend coaching to anybody, it’s something I really believe in, but for my experience Douglas is coaching plus. It’s not just the tools to enable you to create your goals and make sure you achieve them; it’s about understanding that, plus giving you the incentive from the energy that you have within to really make sure those goals are achieved. Very special work, yes I would recommend him to anybody.”