Sam Self

Sam Self


“I am a sales executive working for a big company in Canary Wharf. We work in television and production; we commercially activate events around the world. 

I came to see Douglas as I was having a little bit of bad luck at the time, as you do in sales, so I thought I would try something new. It’s not normally the sort of thing I would go for, but since I have been to see him, my life seems to have moved on and got a little bit better, my energy seems to be good and my sales are going through the roof, so it has been great.

How would I describe what it has done for me? Well to be honest with you, the immediate thing for me is that I felt like I was five stone lighter in a way, especially since the session I had yesterday with Douglas. The main thing from that session was that I felt like a weight had been lifted from my body, it’s almost like I have been carrying this negative energy or extra weight and it falls from me, you almost feel like you’re remoulded, that’s the best way I can describe it, and I would tell people that we all carry around a certain amount of stress and a certain amount of weight on you (metaphorically speaking), whether you’re in sales or any other job, but you don’t realise that you’re carrying that weight, that’s the best thing that I feel it does. It’s the thing that Douglas does is that you lose a lot of metaphorical weight that you didn’t know you were carrying around, all of a sudden you feel like you’re walking on air.

When I come and see Douglas I lie on the couch, when he starts the treatment it’s like an electric pulse going through my body, it’s almost like the wires in the electric and you’re sort of all moulding them back together. When it’s time to
come off of the couch you feel you don’t want to, you’re sort of moulded into the bed, but when you do you feel like a new man.”

“Sceptical TV sales executive finds successful edge”