Rita Skirgilaite

Rita Skirgilaite


“When I decided to see Douglas it was out of curiosity. What does it actually do? So when I went in I didn’t know what to expect, it was a pure experiment.

I really enjoyed the feeling, you just become so relaxed and feel so grounded afterwards, because honestly I thought nothing was going to happen, but then I stood up and I was like ‘oh so that’s it, I’m ready to go home and I’m ready to do something else as well after work rather than go to sleep.’

I am spiritual but I’m quite sceptical, because you always have to understand that there are people who are just basically making a business out of it. But I felt it myself, so I wouldn’t be sitting here lying and wasting my time and saying something which is not true.

“Office stress load lightened with dose of Healing”

I felt it, I am saying what I felt, I didn’t feel like you know I had another arm growing, but I felt relaxed, and it was the case because I’m a very intense person myself and when he helped me to relax I felt a bit different. I have concentrated the whole day today and I hope it is going to continue to the next week
as well.

I would recommend Douglas to any of my friends especially those who are doing a top job in an office or any type of office job, just because sometimes it gets so busy and you only get to look at the computer screen, and you always get a bad headache after work.

At some point you can actually lose your concentration, especially if the week was very busy or the month was very busy. So what it helps you with is that it helps you to relax, and on another day when you just realise what’s happened you’re coming in with a good mood, obviously to work and you’re all concentrated, willing to do and finish your work, instead of being nervous, you’re just all relaxed.