Lynda Green

Lynda Green


“I work as a director for a private healthcare company. In the time that I have been seeing Douglas for treatments I had previously gone through quite a few redundancies in the city during quite a heavy recession time. I struggled to find employment, and when I was seeing him on some occasions I explained to him how low this made me feel.

Obviously financially I was worried and it wasn’t doing me any good because I wasn’t giving off the right perspective in an interview.

So therefore I needed to get back my confidence to feel I could move forward again.

He always made me feel I would get there and I would find the right job for me. I have to say I didn’t always know that I would, but I still believed and eventually I worked my way up again into some extremely great jobs in the city.

Today I find myself working as a director of a private healthcare company which really is my ideal place to be. I have to say that I do feel very strongly that if I hadn’t had Douglas’s support then I really don’t know that I would be where I am today. I have had other interventions through other doctors, I have been to Harley Street and I still don’t feel that I gained from them what I have through seeing Douglas.

I think through him I have managed to achieve what I have today, so I will always be grateful for that.

I highly recommend anyone going to see him.”

“Rock bottom career maker jettisoned to director level with boost of confidence and vitality to face life”