Jonathan Jeffery

Jonathan Jeffery

Jonathan was four-and-a-half when this case study was compiled. He had been diagnosed as autistic when he was just two, at which time he had very few recognisable words and displayed many extremes of behaviour, including tantrums, poor sleep, hyperactivity and eating problems. He showed no interest in his grandparents or friends and was difficult at home and when out and about.

He attended a special needs nursery two days a week which helped with his education and subsequently began a specific programme at home for up to 20 hours a week, which aided his communication and academic skills.

Complementary therapy addressed his diet and introduced sound therapy and various exercises to improve the function of his vestibular system and consequently his speech and concentration.

It was after this that his parents turned to Douglas for help. They subsequently said:

“Jonathan has had about 10 sessions. Right from the start he was very accepting and relaxed with Douglas, happy to sit quietly watching a video whilst Douglas kept his hands on Jonathan’s head. We noticed an immediate improvement in his sleep pattern.

He now sleeps soundly for 10 to 11 hours every night. In the last three months we have seen a dramatic improvement in Jonathan’s speech, eye contact and sociability. He is thrilled to see his grandparents, keen to play alongside other children, and above all, shows devotion to his little sister.


He seems much more in touch with what is going on, and more flexible and easy-going about changes in his routine.

He plays with toys and is developing a good sense of imagination. He is a very bright and lively little boy with a sense of humour, ever-increasing speech and a huge potential to succeed.

As Jonathan’s parents, we are thrilled with his progress particularly over the last six months. He has changed from a non-communicative, difficult child into a loving, lively and chatty member of the family. There are still problems, of course; he still has autism. But the difficulties are manageable and the pluses far outweigh the minuses.”