Ibe Amaechi

Ibe Amaechi


“I work for Allied Media, what we do is cultural events around the world. At the moment we are working on a project with Nitro Circus, which is a group of young ‘Evel Knievel’s’ doing lots of tricks and stunts and they are going on a tour across North America.

Now as a result of working here, I’ve ended up meeting Douglas who has introduced me into a new way of thinking and living with regards to what he does. Douglas – he cornered me and told me to come and see him, which I did. I must say I was a bit sceptical at first, but as a result of going to see him I’ve changed my way of thinking as to, how you look at things with regards to the energy that you have within you, and then as a result of this, I have seen an increase in my work output, I have felt better within myself and at the same time I have seen the results, by way of our sales increasing, across the team and for myself as well. We have got better with regards to how we are performing within the company.

As far as what Douglas has done for me and the team I work with, and what we have seen regarding the results. I would highly suggest other people take it on board, even if sceptical, because that is how a lot of people are, I was one of them, but if you keep an open mind and you must remember, your mind is like a parachute you have to keep it open to use it, with that in mind you’ll be able to see things in a different light. We have seen an increase in sales, so for other companies I would advise them taking it on board and doing it.”

“Remarkable overall increase in business performance”