Elvis Payne

Elvis Payne


“I am a writer, actor, producer, currently working in sales at Canary Wharf; I’m enjoying work as there are a lot of similarities between sales, performing and acting.

There are a lot of emotional qualities you need to put into those aspects of your life in order for those to work, and I found that umm… I’ve only had two sessions with Douglas, so it isn’t a hard and fast end of the process saying where it’s got to but, I was struck by two things, one is I was struck by his patience because he must have done it a lot, he must have touched a lot of people, he must have spent a lot of time touching a lot of people, but I never felt that it was a frontier or boring for him.

“Creative finds calm, focus and strength following Healing”

I felt there was some benefit of giving and also receiving in that process, and what I found was that I went to different levels of consciousness, I’m not going to say what those levels produced, but I do know when I was asked is there an ailment or an issue I said no, but there was like something hidden which I wasn’t really dealing with directly myself either, to myself I never really felt the need to express it, but I found during the session that it popped up, it came up and whilst I was quite in a deep sort of calmer sort of state, I found it made me sort of wake up, jump up, because I actually pictured it and I realised that was an issue for me, which I wasn’t really dealing with.

The second time round, because after the intervening weeks I’d had some time to contemplate it, I found that area was becoming stronger and better and more focused and more viable, so as things keep going on down the road it should be fine.”