Antonio Dublin

Antonio Dublin

“I work for Allied Group a company in the business district in London. What we actually do is connect various companies with an audience for their products and services. I do that over the phone and it’s very repetitive and demanding.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Douglas by my boss. When I met him I had a number of different stories to tell, if I can say it in that way and I was told that he would be able to help me get over those stories or barriers.

Yes, I’ve seen him a few times now and I have got over one or two of them. One is that I suffer from hay fever quite badly and with my job it doesn’t work too well as you can imagine, and the other is with the job, we have a lot of things that change all the time and you need to adapt very quickly to that change. I feel he has helped to put the timing or the stress into perspective within the day to day.

A lot of it is how you feel and a lot of it is taking a step back, taking you out of that scenario of the day to day and then you can look at it, which makes it a lot easier to do.

When you can do that and when you’re back there it makes it easier to deal with and that’s what I felt and that’s just with the time I had here with Douglas.”

“Day to day life and business issues given useful perspective and management”