Introducing Douglas Ballard

Douglas Ballard was a successful businessman until one fateful day 12 years ago when he began to receive predictions from what he describes as Intelligent Energy – the unseen power of the universe that vibrates around the earth.

In a world where even governments and the most powerful corporations no longer know how the future will unfold, his predictions have proved so accurate that businessmen and women now seek out his advice.

He also discovered that he had the power some years before that, to help improve the health of the sick and injured and give back to them a quality of life by channelling the Intelligent Energy which he does as he travels extensively throughout Europe and the USA.

Energy Connection

Our world is surrounded by an energy that people in ancient times knew all about but much of that knowledge has been lost in our scientific age.

However, some, like Douglas Ballard can connect to the Intelligent Energy to help others – whether for health or by predicting the future to bring peace of mind.

Intelligent or Universal energy touches all our lives and at this time of turbulence there are great changes in the energy that will affect all our lives - in the weather, human habits, friendships and almost the full part of our lives in one way or another.

Some of us are more in tune with the energy than others but when you feel the energy you will know that it is time to change.

How do you know? You will have an inner feeling, or intuition, a knowing that things are not as they should be.

Look at yourself; are you complete in your life or is something missing? This is your sign to make the changes.

All you need to do is ask the Universal Energy to help you. What the Energy will not do is allow greed or ego to take over.

Ask for changes in your life, but remember, what you receive you should take with thanks and then turn that reply into giving help to those that need it.

How long can it be before you change?

You will find life becoming more difficult, you may be in a relationship that has just gone on for many years and you have always made the compromise, now you know that the time has come to make that change, don’t be surprised if it just happens once you come to terms with yourself.

Are you in a job that you hate doing? Once you see that, then your life will move on, you just need to accept it and the energy will do the rest for you, it may take a few months or even only a few days.

The Energy is becoming stronger by the day, look at how the World is out of control, it is frightening and scary, but your acknowledgment that it exists will give you the personal help you will need.